2018 VCD Chardonnay - Moonee Ponds VIC

Sitting out in the back courtyard is a pleasant experience at any time of the year but most people do not realise that the grape vines that grow there, quietly and steadily, are Chardonnay vines.  These are cuttings from the Yarra Valley planted by Tony a few years back.

After Tony talking about making some wine, Jenny decided to do it. This is a seriously handmade, micro-fermentation!

Mel and Jenny picked the grapes and destemmed them into a small “fermentation vessel”. (Jenny had seen some micro-fermentations of Pinot Noir in Tasmania using coffee plungers so she copied this idea.)

After crushing the grapes slightly, yeast was added (EC!!8 for those who are interested). To ensure the ferment stayed cool, the coffee plunger was put in the office which is air conditioned.

After a week, it had become wine! There was no sweetness so the yeast had used up all the sugar into making the alcohol. Using a cheese straining bag, Jenny separated the wine from the skins. It was still cloudy so it needed to settle out (like orange juice overnight in the fridge) and then the clear juice filtered through coffee filter papers into a bottle and ….voila! a finished wine!

The verdict? It won’t compete with any Chablis or top Aussie Chardonnays but it is clean, dry and fault free with gentle fruit flavours...according to Jenny!