Didier Chopin Champagne

Didier Chopin and his wife Karine bottled their first Champagne in 1989 from a small parcel of vines acquired from Karine’s family outside the village of Champlat-Boujacourt in La Vallée de la Marne.  Didier and Karine settled in this small town and gradually increased their vineyard holdings to 18.5 acres.  La Vallée de la Marne is one of the three major regions in Champagne.  Its cooler, north facing slopes are ideal for the Pinot Meunier grape which typically adds youthful fruit and richness to Champagne blends.  Didier focuses on crafting fruit forward wines and Pinot Meunier makes up the bulk of his blends together with Pinot Noir.  The fruity profiles of his wines are complimented by extended aging on their lees to impart complexity and depth.  NV Champagne from most major houses ages on the lees for 1-3 years.  Didier’s ages for 3-5 years.  Didier Chopin is a family run Domaine.  Didier’s wife, son, daughter and son in-law all work together to produce 200,000 bottles of Champagne annually.  Over the last 20 years, Didier’s wines have developed a strong reputation for quality and value.   This success has enabled him to build a new cellar and he will acquire an additional 60 acres in La Vallée de la Marne over the next five years.

$12 a glass

$48 take away

$43.20 take away in any 3

$58 drink in house