Daylesford Wild Cider

Daylesford Cider – not your classic Aussie cider

Most ciders in Australia use eating apples. These can make some good ciders but they lack the complexity and intensity of English and French ciders. Daylesford use a selection of English-heritage apple varieties. This gives a wonderful mix of sharp, bitter-sharp, bitter-sweet and sweet apples ensuring complex drinks.

Brilliant gold colour
Complex nose with notes of apple, citrus rind, baking spice, cooked and fresh apples. The palate is full but clean and rich yet light. There is some light carbonation giving a soft bubbly mouthfeel.
This is not your average cider being more akin to a well-made saison pale ale just made with apples not grains. It is made using wild yeasts as well as a selection of apples.
For those beer drinkers who want a change.